In recent years “Global warming” became topics that is always discussed as a result of forest destruction, have a lot of appeal, slogans and advertisements in mass communication to invites us to make green The Earth, there are some terms or slogans is used, such as “One Man One Tree” or “One Billion Indonesian Trees for the World”
As the nation’s next generation, let’s save The planet we are lived on this, as the most expensive gifts for our grandchildrens.
We can participate in the success of the program go green in Indonesia. First, start from yourself. Efforts to re-forest greening Indonesia should start from a very small things. Such as :
1. To plant “One Man one tree” system
In our age now how much we do for our environment? Have we plant one tree for the needs of our oxygen? Have we prepared a small thing that would have a major impact for our children and grandchildren? If not yet, let’s we start to plant trees in our immediate environment now. As an example of one person to plant one tree in the around house, if it does not allow us to plant a "one house one tree", if in one village there are 100 homes, then there will be 100 trees that hold water, there are many leaves which produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide for our needs. Calculate how many millions of homes in Our contry? There will be how many millions of trees in Our country? We're not going to feel longer droughts, natural disasters such as floods and landslides. And it can realize the "One Billion Indonesian Trees for the World".
2. Inviting closest people from us to love plants and providing regular briefings so that
people realize that the plant plays an important role in conserving our environment.
For example, taking or propose to the RT to urge local people to plant any tree, or at least various kinds of fruits, ornamental plants, medicinal plants and spices cooked in around houses.
If we do not have a yard that is not too large, we can put it in a large vase or make the hang garden on the roofs, on the walls or fences, in the small alleys, so that we get a cool environment.
We can also do the competitions healty home, clean and beautiful grounds to mativate or give award to people who have done little things for our environment.
Let us jointly take care of our earth, so that our grandchildren can experience our natural wealth. Personal awareness can help the government program for the earth green again.
A bead of the struggle to save the earth as the Son We Nations, voicing Let GO Green '..., Get & Maintain We Human Friendly Earth ... Mother Earth from the Natural Environmental Damages Come on .. it's all, Save the Earth Mother Earth & Son Grandson Us from Global Warming Dangers 'or Threat of Global Warming ".

Writting by : VEBRIA ARDINA
Student’s Number : RSA1C110020
Study Programmes : ISSTE of Chemistry ‘10

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