why is the water droplets round?

Why is the water droplets round?

Perhaps these questions are rarely ignored by many. here I will try to uncover this mystery. every drop of water falling to the ground or down it must be round. Spherical shape is the shape and tersimpel populous than all existing forms, such as rectangular or triangular. This simple form makes the water droplets become unstable, and therefore all forms of the elements or anything else always has a tendency to form something more stable. Then the wisdom what is hidden behind this phenomenon. as we know that our earth is round, everything is round always familiar to many people, just for example football, basketball, dsb.Kehidupan it's like a round ball and is always spinning, there is sometimes above and sometimes under . This situation caused the man to do ever mnyombongkan yourself for what has he got, because God was the one who has the truth. This life is also always lead to stability and equilibrium. Everything in this universe will be in equilibrium, namely death. therefore we sembagai a servant who is weak, it should always be ready with his arrival, and always our position to form a more stable from day to day. as shown by the noble gas elements that have remarkable stability. If the element is stable by imitating the number of electrons that are owned by the noble gases, why we do not do it. Indeed the rules created are not made to narrow down / restrain us, but to help us later.

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